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KAOS Catamarans are comfortable to live on, and to sail, favoring simplicity and function over glamour. KAOS Cats are built with foam cores and Lloyds approved Resins, and composite bulkheads and furniture. A total pragmatic approach will produce strong, durable, lightweight, and affordable yachts.

Born from the vision of Dylan Banwell, owner, marine engineer, and designer, with the goal of building a superior catamaran. Kaos Catamarans is the story of a passionate combination of far-reaching sailing experience and pragmatic engineering.


We align ourselves with world-class agencies and suppliers, including building with only Lloyd's Approved systems.


Our interior is built with light-weight drop-in liners to improve the quality of the finish, speed up the build process and keep the vessel light.

Sister ship

meet the builder

After studying at Southampton Solent University, sailing all over the world, building and fixing yachts, Dylan has learnt how catamarans are built, and how they break, sail in rough conditions, which systems work and which fail, and what are the real necessities at sea. 


Through Dylan's vast fund of experience, we are able to advise on the perfect layout and systems, giving our customers invaluable feedback on which they can rely.


Complete Marine FACILITY

Our impressive 20 000m2 property of which 2500m2 is factory space and 10 000m2 concreted flat surface, is a full specialist marine facility with the following consultants:

  • Marine Engineering

  • Custom Stainless Steel

  • Mechanical & Electrical specialists

  • Resin-Infusion Composite Engineering

  • CAD Design and Rendering

  • Financial Services

Production facilities

While we specialize in offshore catamarans, we also produce sport fishers and smaller composites.

  • Rebel Cat Range: 12ft to 36ft Offshore Sport Fishers

  • KAOS Range: 52 ft Performance Cruiser

  • Nomad Range: Polynesian Style Catamarans (under construction)

  • Various boat parts- bum boxes, fish hatches, consoles, hardtops

  • Swimming pools and various poolside furniture

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